The Hearings Have Come For Fox News



Legendary journalist Dan Rather said that Fox News wouldn’t show the hearings, but the hearings have come for Fox News.

Rather tweeted:

Even though Fox News wasn’t televising the hearings live and unimpeded, the network’s hosts did play a role in them through the texts that they sent to the White House during the 1/6 attack.

What Fox did show during the hearings was a disgrace to propaganda. The network refused to show the footage of the violence, even without the audio. Its cameras pulled back from anything that might show their viewers the truth while in a split-screen, Tucker Carlson spun conspiracy theories about how the government was behind the attack.

Fox News tried to hide the truth from viewers, but equally as important, the network seemed intent on hiding the truth from itself.

Fox didn’t show the hearing, but the hearing revealed plenty about Fox News.

It was a damning night for more than Donald Trump and the Republican Party. The night exposed the real Fox News.

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