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Supreme Court Humiliates Kevin McCarthy In Lawsuit Defeat



House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy suffered a defeat at the Supreme Court as he tried to overturn House proxy voting.

McCarthy didn’t just lose the lawsuit. The Supreme Court would not offer him the ability to come and argue his case. a

As Time noted, “The Justices declined to let McCarthy’s lawyers make their case to the court. Without comment, they simply denied him an invitation to come offer arguments.

Speaker Pelosi responded to the Supreme Court’s decision in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, “With this failed lawsuit, Republicans have worked to recklessly endanger the health of colleagues, staffers and institutional workers.  In doing so, they have fought harder to try to score political points than they have fought to help struggling families during the pandemic.  They do so with great shame and hypocrisy, as last year alone more than half of the Members of their conference designated a proxy so that they could vote remotely. As our nation continues to battle the pandemic, Republicans must now abandon this sad stunt and join Democrats to crush the virus, grow our economy and bring down costs for families.“

Kevin McCarthy Tried To Use The Supreme Court For A Political Stunt And Flopped

The Supreme Court found McCarthy’s lawsuit so frivolous and without merit that they declined to hear arguments. McCarthy lost at every level of the judicial system, but he still pressed forward, because just like Donald Trump, he thought that the Supreme Court could be used as a political prop.

Kevin McCarthy is dreaming of becoming the Speaker of the House, but he consistently demonstrates that he is a weak failure.

McCarthy is a slow-moving oncoming disaster that can be seen coming from miles away.

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