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Sarah Palin Spread COVID In New York By Dining Indoors Unvaccinated



Sarah Palin dined indoors in New York City without showing proof of vaccination the night before testing positive for COVID.

The New York Times reported:

Sarah Palin, who is not vaccinated against the coronavirus, dined indoors Saturday night at Elio’s, an Italian restaurant on the Upper East Side of Manhattan that regularly draws celebrities, despite New York City’s requirement that all indoor guests show proof of vaccination. She tested positive for the virus on Monday.

“We just made a mistake,” said Luca Guaitolini, a manager for the restaurant, who was not working Saturday night but confirmed Ms. Palin’s visit. He said that the restaurant checked vaccination cards for all first-time customers but not for regulars who come each week and that Ms. Palin had dined with a longtime guest, whom he declined to name.

Sarah Palin Appears To Have Gotten Special Treatment In New York And Spread COVID

One suspects that the restaurant did not make a mistake. Instead, they didn’t follow the law. The New York law is that people have to provide proof of vaccination to be able to dine indoors. There is no celebrity exemption.

Sarah Palin tested positive for COVID and was likely running around New York and spreading the virus to everyone that she came into contact with.

Mandates and requirements don’t matter if businesses don’t follow the law. If Sarah Palin got special treatment, the restaurant allowed her to endanger their other customers.

Sarah Palin being selfish is a surprise to no one. It turns out that the only thing Palin might be good at is spreading COVID.

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