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Senator Rick Scott Dares To Criticize Our Military As The Woke Military



One starts to wonder what side the GOP is on these days. One would think that if there was anything upon which the country could consolidate around, it would be our military and its abilities, especially as we’re running up against the possibility of hostilities in and around Ukraine. But that doesn’t bother people like Sen. Rick Scott (Nor Tucker Carlson, who has said similar things, as have others on the far right, such as Madison Cawthorn who essentially said Russia has been training while we’ve been playing in the sand).

Scott made his comments… where else? On Maria Bartiromo’s Sunday Morning Futures show, where all good MAGAs go to say the most outrageous of the outrageous things they have to say, all to Maria’s nodding head, inexplicably at one point a respected and sharp Wall Street journalist.

Video of Sen. Scott:

This is current MAGA logic. Scott said:

“A hundred-thousand people died of drug overdoses, 100,000 people that were alive in this country a year ago died, and Joe Biden doesn’t nothing about it. If you are in the military, our military has become the woke military, not the lethal military. We lost all of those people in Afghanistan, and Biden’s like ‘oh, we did a great job.’”

Do not ask me what 100,000 overdose deaths have to do with a woke military. (Of course, Scott acts like the opioid problem simply arose out of nowhere in 2021 and shocked the country).

“We lost all those people in Afghanistan.”

In Afghanistan, we lost 13 soldiers to a terrorist attack perpetrated by ISIS, the same group that Trump essentially surrendered to in abandoning Syria and northern Iraq. The attack was not carried out by the Taliban. It was tragic, but it was hardly related to having a military that realizes that racism and other bigotry do nothing but detract from its readiness. Additionally, we “only” lost 13 members as our military carried out the largest airlift in American history, taking close to 150,000 Afghanis and Americans out of the country.

It sounds to me like Rick Scott had some time to spend on Fox and really wasn’t prepared to talk about an actual problem such as how we’re going to fight inflation – with a proposal as to what should be done. He came in to complain and couldn’t even do that right.

Jason Miciak

Jason Miciak is a political writer, features writer, author, and attorney. He is originally from Canada but grew up in the Pacific Northwest as a dual Canadian-American citizen, which he grows increasingly thankful for every day. He now enjoys life as a single dad, writing from the beaches of the Gulf Coast, getting advice from his beloved daughter and teammate. He is very much the dreamy mystic that cannot add and loves dogs more than most people. He also likes studying cooking, theoretical physics, cosmology, and quantum mechanics. He likes pizza.

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