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Debasing The Vote: The Other Inflation



By Frank Miele for RealClearPolitics

You didn’t need to be an entertainer to perceive the skillful deception when Democrats pulled a “casting a ballot rights” crusade out of their Jan. 6 “equipped revolt” cap.

Indeed, even before President Biden completed his hell and damnation discourse denouncing Republicans for “setting a knife at the throat of a majority rules system” in 2021, he and his overseers had turned to the 2022 midterm races and the need of Democrats winning them.

It was awful enough when the homegrown (i.e., Republican) “fear mongers” were going through the corridors of Congress, yet God restrict they at any point get the opportunity to definitely run Congress once more, correct?

So that implied Democrats expected to discover some method for defeating Biden’s terrible survey numbers and win the midterms in spite of being enormously disliked. Also the best way to do that was a little something many refer to as “political race change.”

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So Joe Biden marked the fate of his party on one more irate discourse, this time about securing the “right to cast a ballot” from all foes, unfamiliar and homegrown. The “crushed previous president” (he who won’t be named) was the main homegrown foe, yet his band of bigoted Republican legislators were similarly as risky.

What’s more, obviously, the media savants gestured their heads in understanding. Orange man terrible, and doddering Joe happy well great. Consistently, we heard the sweethearts of the left whine about Republican endeavors at “citizen concealment,” which they say is an insidious plan to subvert a majority rule government by denying individuals of the option to cast a ballot.

In any case, how treats “concealment” truly mean?

Ronald Reagan, as in such innumerable things, had the choice to encapsulate the issue with an idiom: “The issue with our liberal partners isn’t that they’re absent; it’s just that they realize such a ton of which isn’t actually.”

Because of “balloter camouflage,” it infers that our liberal buddies have conflated the choice to project a polling form with the ability to project a voting form in the most beneficial way possible, which is authentically not a right using any and all means, yet basically a utility. The choice to project a voting form has never been placed in peril by a Republican get together.

For that, you need to go to the Democratic lawmaking groups of the segregationist South, which planned up various frameworks, for instance, an overview charge or a capability test to hold blacks back from projecting a voting form in the 19th and 20th centuries.

What Republicans have requested is that our races should be run in habits that put blackmail and political control down, explicitly that solitary residents ought to accept risk for their own votes and should do as such in the manner supported by law.

Radicals, on the other hand, need to make it as straightforward as possible to project a voting form, whether or not that suggests changing Election Day into Election Month or changing the blessed show of projecting a polling form into what might measure up to a Uber movement, where a philosophical gathering can accumulate and transport different surveying structures to unsound drop boxes and stay as hopeful as could really be expected (wink, motion!).

The Democrats’ pronounced conviction is that by just extending the amount of votes, we are basically building up a democratic government. Another point of view on is that by growing the amount of votes through political control, we are debilitating the value of each vote, as a level of the whole, yet furthermore emotionally.

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The differentiation between the two gatherings is what might be compared to what against Nazi scholar Dietrich Bonhoeffer portrayed as the distinction between modest beauty and exorbitant effortlessness. Bonhoeffer told his kindred Christians that elegance would be a unimportant gift assuming it were allowed to everybody since they requested it. The equivalent is valid for the option to cast a ballot.

As Bonhoeffer stated, “Modest beauty is simply the elegance we offer. Modest elegance is the proclaiming of pardoning without requiring atonement, immersion without chapel discipline, Communion without admission. … Cheap effortlessness is elegance without teaching, beauty without the cross, beauty without Jesus Christ, living and manifest.”

Expensive beauty, then again, is “the fortune concealed in the field; for it a man will happily proceed to sell all that he has. It is the pearl of incredible cost to purchase which the vendor will sell every one of his products. … Above all, it is expensive in light of the fact that it costs God the existence of His Son; ‘ye were purchased at a cost,’ and what has cost God much can’t be modest for us.”

Presently, contemplate how that looks at to one side to cast a ballot, a hallowed right that was gotten by the blood of countless American nationalists, and which should be esteemed as a right over all others since it guarantees our assurance of self-assurance.

It is without a doubt the pearl of incredible cost in the public eye and ought not be degraded by being so natural to acquire that it is considered as much the same as an outing to the general store to get a portion of bread.

However Democrats have given it their best shot to undermine casting a ballot, to cause it to appear to be normal rather than hallowed. Final voting day used to mean something. It was the point at which we assembled in a custom of a majority rule government that brought us closer and consoled us that our neighbors were approaching their obligation similarly as in a serious way as we were.

“Elector turnout” implied that somebody had really ended up voting – they had put forth a positive attempt to project their polling form, since they thought often about our nation and our future.

Liberals have given it their best shot to supplant that fantastic ceremony with a framework that diminishes our association with one another, yet in addition expands our dependence on ideological groups to reap votes and transform decisions into a mandate on which party has the most cash and the most muscle.

The effect of early democratic, for example, has debilitated majority rules government, not reinforced it. Ideological groups have figured out how to exploit citizens and “store” early votes as an activity of crude power. However, we should not mess with ourselves. Early democratic, by its actual nature, diminishes the probability that citizens will be educated when they cast their polling form. In the Information Age we live in, universes can be moved surprisingly fast, not to mention weeks.

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Think, for instance, of the difference between how you might have viewed the competency of Biden before the Afghanistan withdrawal and after it. The longer you wait to vote, the more likely you will have the relevant facts about the candidates at your command. Early voting guarantees the opposite, and when you add mail-in ballots into the mix, you are throwing dynamite on top of the powder keg.

Imagine, for instance, a bus driving up to an apartment complex in Los Angeles where a hypothetical 1,000 people live. Forty Democrat volunteers leave the bus and head into the apartment to knock on doors to collect “mail-in” ballots from the residents. The target is 25 ballots for each “volunteer” — although they will be paid $10 or more for each completed signature they return, so they are not really volunteers at all. They are hired guns.

Since this is Los Angeles, we can safely assume that at least 70% of the ballots in this particular apartment building will be cast by what we’ll call “Biden voters” rather than “Trump voters.” We also need to take into account that the ballot harvesters are unsupervised by election officials.

They don’t wear body cameras and since they are paid Democrat operatives, they may be tempted to persuade individual voters to vote for Biden rather than the “defeated former president who is a racist and domestic terrorist.” In that case, you may see the Biden voter tally jump to 90%.

Moreover, the ballot harvester can collect signed blank ballots with the promise to the elderly or otherwise debilitated voter that the ballots will be filled out the “correct” way. Since there is no requirement that a voter has to vote in each race, that can be accomplished by just marking an X in the presidential race. Talk about magic! That is the legal legerdemain that Democrats call “election reform.”

Of course, those 1,000 ballots are probably irrelevant to the final outcome in California, where the Democrat candidate will undoubtedly outperform the Republican candidate by several million votes. But some Democrats have a plan to ensure that ballot harvesting in California would have a huge impact everywhere else. It’s called abolishing the Electoral College.

When that happens, political parties will be incentivized to grab up every vote they can find. States like California that are dominated by a Democrat machine will be turned into an assembly line of cheap votes, and as long as the Democrats get their way and ban voter ID, there will be no way to ensure that those are also legal votes.

Supposedly, requiring voters to prove they are who they say they are is a racist policy because black people apparently don’t have driver licenses or other forms of ID. That’s absurd, of course, in a society that requires ID for anything from buying alcohol to flying on a plane, but that’s the Democrats’ story and they are sticking with it.

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Nor do they ever propose programs to increase access to picture ID for minorities or low-income voters. That would be too logical. Instead, they claim that requiring voter ID is voter suppression, and don’t care that the alternative is turning democracy into an “honor system.”

If you want to increase participation in voting, that’s one way to do it: Whoever wants to vote can. But don’t pretend that you are strengthening democracy. You are just cheapening the vote. What makes a strong democracy is not just a large number of votes, but a large number of informed voters. As Thomas Jefferson said, “Wherever the people are well informed they can be trusted with their own government.”

Too bad Democrats seem to have forgotten that.

Syndicated with permission from Real Clear Wire.

Frank Miele, the retired editor of the Daily Inter Lake in Kalispell Mont., is a columnist for RealClearPolitics. His new book, “What Matters Most: God, Country, Family and Friends,” and his earlier books are available from his Amazon author page. Visit him at to read his daily commentary or follow him on Facebook @HeartlandDiaryUSA or on Twitter or Gettr @HeartlandDiary.

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