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Carl Bernstein Labels Trump An Unprecedented Criminal Seditious President




Legendary journalist Carl Bernstein labeled Trump a historic criminally seditious president who is unprecedented in the country’s history.

Video of Bernstein:

Bernstein told CNN’s Jim Acosta:

One of the things we need to say about this investigation is already we know how serious the investigation is. We know it’s turned up a tremendous amount of information that not only suggests that Donald Trump was intent on staging a coup. It’s pretty definitive at this point. We also know members of the vice president Pence’s staff are cooperating with the committee. 

An image is as of now beginning to arise of a crook, subversive President Of The United States, phenomenal in our set of experiences in this country. You need to return to the Civil War to find the sort of sedition occurring at an undeniable level in our government, for example, happened on January sixth and just after the election. And recollect the sedition of the Confederacy. That was driven by an individual from the Congress, not by a President Of The United States. And the way that the Republican Party has not taken part in this examination, has just decided they will toss in their lot with Donald Trump and his criminality, tells us an awful lot regarding where this Republican Party is today and the way in which Trump has them under his lock and key.

Bernstein talked reality. Trump seems to have perpetrated a criminal demonstration of subversion against the United States of America.

The 1/6 Committee could choose to allude Trump for indictment to the Department of Justice for subversive violations against the United States. Assuming that occurs, the DOJ should choose whether or not to indict the previous president.

The possibility that Trump perpetrated subversion is going standard, and assuming he is criminally alluded to the DOJ, the strain on Merrick Garland to arraign Trump will be colossal.

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