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Bennie Thompson Suggests There Is Evidence That Trump Used Military Assets In His Coup




1/6 Committee Chair Bennie Thompson suggested that the committee has proof that Trump used Department of Defense assets in his coup.


Transcript via CBS’s Face The Nation:

MARGARET BRENNAN: That’s incredible. Will the former attorney general, Bill Barr, testify to you? Will you seek out other members of the military to clarify some of what you just laid out here?

REP. THOMPSON: Well, part of our plan is to continue to engage all those individuals that we deem necessary and important to our investigation. Some will talk to some we will do in deposition under oath. Others we will offer hearing opportunities. But I can assure you, as we develop this information, we will clearly present it to the public. We plan at this point to have a series of public hearings showing the use of federal assets, Department of Justice, Department of Defense, and other agencies to actually stop the duly election of a president. So, we’ll do it in-in due time.

If Trump Used DOD Assets In His Coup, That Takes His Crimes To A Different Level

The use of DOD resources takes Trump’s plot to overturn an election, which would be a so-called soft coup or political coup, and turn it into a full-blown military coup.

As more facts emerge about Trump’s coup, it looks likely that he committed crimes against the United States of America.

Republicans want this man to be their 2024 presidential nominee, but he might be the greatest domestic criminal the United States has seen since the Civil War.

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