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‘The View’ Host Says Republicans Will Start ‘Censoring Journalists’ If GOP Wins In 2022



“The View” co-host Joy Behar claimed, without evidence, that if Republicans regains power, presumably of Congress in the 2022 midterm election or the White House in 2024, the GOP would begin “censoring journalists.”

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Behar made her remarks during a discussion on ABC’s Tuesday edition of “The View.” 

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Goldberg: ‘We’re going to take your rights away just like we have taken X, Y, and Z because there will be nothing you can do’

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg began the conversation by parroting the narrative that people are losing their voting rights somehow:  “This is part of the big plan to control what happens in America, I believe, what happens in America. If you take those voting rights away, people are going to be so angry, but there will be nothing they can do about it because we’re in charge.”

Goldberg then pivoted to women and other groups supposedly under threat of having their rights taken away.

“Next thing comes the women,” Goldberg said. “We’re going to take your rights away just like we have taken X, Y, and Z because there will be nothing you can do. This country, seemingly, or many people in it, seemingly want to be manipulated.”

Behar then jumped in, “I was going to say to destroy it.”

Behar: ‘Censoring Journalists’

Behar continued, “I read a lot about what’s going on in the world and you know Hungary and Poland, and they’re doing very badly with freedom of speech. They now have, like, let’s say the autocrat who’s running gets, like 90% of air time, the other one gets 10%. They are, you know, censoring journalists.”

Behar then insisted that the press will be restricted in the U.S. if Republicans win upcoming elections and retake power.

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“That will happen here,” Behar said. “That will happen here I think if the Republicans are back in power. You can see that they’re intractable right now. You cannot reason with these people.”

“They are shameless, and they will destroy us,” Behar declared.

She then wanted viewers and the co-hosts to know that she was not exaggerating. 

“It sounds like it’s hyperbole, but I have been around a long time, and I’ve seen what can happen,” Behar said.

Shortly after, host Sunny Hostin was talking about a book she was reading – she couldn’t remember the name – about history repeating itself. 

Claiming essentially that the Democrats put up no resistance to the GOP, Hostin said, “The Democrats sort of do this over and over, they get into power…” 

Behar jumped in and said “And save the country.”

Hostin agreed, saying, “They save the country and then they lean to the middle.”

Just your average day over at “The View.”

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