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Trump Makes It Clear To Pennsylvania GOP That He Is Out To Steal 2024



Trump isn’t trying to hide what he wants to do in 2024, as he told Pennsylvania Republicans that he wants election supervisors who will be “sharper” in counting the vote.

Video of Trump:

Trump said, “We have to be a lot sharper the next time when it comes to counting the vote. There is a famous statement. Sometimes the vote counter is more important than the candidate, and we can’t let that ever ever happen again. They have to get a lot tougher and smarter.”

Trump is pushing Steve Bannon’s plan for his supporters to take over election oversight and make sure that Trump wins in 2024 by rigging the vote count.

Trump’s statement that sometimes the vote counter is more important than the candidate was telling. The failed former president tried to rig the vote in 2020, but he failed due to some committed state and local election officials. He is looking to remove those obstacles to a potential coup in 2024.

Americans are worried about voting rights and the ability to cast their ballot, but there is an even deeper plot ongoing in swing states around the country, where Trump is attempting to install loyalists in key election positions who subscribe to his big lie that the 2020 election was stolen. Neither of the proposed voting rights bills in Congress directly deal with the prospect of corrupt election officials who could attempt to disqualify ballots or “find votes” for Trump in 2024.

Donald Trump isn’t hiding anything. If given the chance, he will try to rig the vote in a bid to return to the White House in 2024.

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