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Rep. Jamie Raskin Warns That The GOP Is Acting Like A Religious Cult



Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said that America no longer has two political parties because Republicans are acting like a political and religious cult of personality.


CNN’s Jim Acosta asked Rep. Raskin how worried he is about our democracy.

Rep. Raskin answered:

Well, we’re in the fight of our lives. And he continues to propound his big lie, and everything flows from his big lie. It’s shocking that one of America’s major political parties, the one founded by Abraham Lincoln, has now wrapped itself around lies, propaganda, conspiracy theory, and disinformation.

 They’re now outside of our constitutional order. They attack our constitutional system. They attack the outcome of our election. So they fail the basic responsibility of a political party, which is to accept the constitutional structure as it exists.

 So, we’re down to one party here, that is a pro-democracy party. We invite everybody all along the political spectrum from whatever point of view to join us in defending the democracy. There could be no more important work that we have. And we’ve got to defend all of our institutions. The courts, we’ve got to defend, the press we’ve got to defend, the congress we’ve got to defend the rule of law itself against what Donald Trump is proposing. 

They no longer act like a modern political party. They act like a religious and political cult of personality, and it’s a perilous thing that has evolved over there. And we’re asking for people to stand strong. And I salute patriots from the Republican party like Liz Cheney, like Adam Kinzinger, like the seven senators who voted to convict the ten representatives who voted to impeach all of those who were standing up for truth because that’s what’s at stake right now. 

The Corporate Media Must Stop Normalizing The GOP Religious Cult

A big reason why the Republican Party was able to transform into a Trump religious cult of personality is that the mainstream press continues to treat the GOP like they are a normal political party.

One of the two political parties in the United States has moved toward authoritarianism. The press still blames President Biden for not achieving bipartisanship with people who want to destroy democracy.

In the future, when the story of this time in history is written, it will hopefully contain an extensive section on the many failures of the corporate free press that chose to place profits ahead of democracy.

Rep. Raskin perfectly explained the situation.

PoliitcusUSA is listening, but the corporate press must heed and act on the warning.

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