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Trump Will Hold A Stale Rally Saturday Night In An Entirely Changed World



There are two reasons that there is no point in looking up when Trump held his last “rally.” First, whereas at one point they meant everything, rallies are all but meaningless now. And second, in the interim period, Trump’s entire world has changed. It was just a month ago that some of us at this website argued that Merrick Garland was intent upon allowing the greatest crime against the United States government to go uninvestigated (by law enforcement) and unpunished,. It was just yesterday that the state of Michigan referred its forged state Electoral College votes to DOJ for prosecution.

The floodgates are necessarily opened now. Trump’s pre-January 6th crimes, the pressure on states, the conspiracies, the phone calls, they are now in Garland’s lap whether he wanted to deal with them or not. It was also just yesterday that the Department of Justice charged its first January 6th defendant with seditious conspiracy.

The charge must have sent shivers up and down the spines of the dozen or more MAGA House members suspected of playing a role in the January 6th riot.

When Trump takes the stage this afternoon, he will do so in the midst of a war with “old crow” Mitch McConnell. It is true that Trump is the former president and the guy that controls primary votes and nominations (as opposed to a general election), Mitch McConnell would not have lasted as long as he has as Republican leader in the Senate if he didn’t win more wars than he loses.

What else?

A lot. This site was the first to report that video of Kayleigh McEnany surfaced again yesterday of her, on December 17th, referencing those same forged Electoral College certificates, proving – at the very least, that this “forged certificate plan” was not some well-kept secret within the walls of the White House, with Trump insulated. Kayleigh voluntarily testified to the House Select Committee just two days ago. A lot of people have voluntarily spoken to the Select Committee, enough so that it seemed as though a different committee member appeared on each show. They dropped little cannonball after little cannonball, things they’ve learned, right toward the top of Trump’s pointed head, almost taunting him with what they know. The real purpose was to tell the remaining hold-outs, those refusing to testify, that the Committee knows the answer to nearly every question they would ask of them anyway, so, resist at their own peril.

Approximately two weeks ago the Committee began talk of prime time hearings this spring. No one wants to be on prime time until they’ve perfected their act to the point they want everyone to see.

So, whereas the last time Trump climbed the steps to the podium to the annoying beat of “Gloria” and then the MAGA anthem stolen from Ronald Reagan, Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA, Trump had little to no fear that he would face any criminal repercussions for all that happened post-November3rd. Tonight, his world is upside down.

Like any clique, the cool kids in the middle know things long before they become general knowledge. It might not be a coincidence that the only people sharing the stage tonight with Trump will be unabashed Qanon crazies, while Mitch McConnell has made comments supporting the Committee. On Wednesday, Sen. Mike Rounds said Trump lost, fair and square. Washington may have known of the changing landscape a week or two ago. When Trump takes the podium tonight, the country feels the winds of change.

The question for those of us forced to watch these speeches is whether there is any indication tonight that Trump himself knows.

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