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DOJ Gets Closer To Trump As Oath Keepers Leader Arrested For Seditious Conspiracy



The arrest of the leader of the Oath Keepers for seditious conspiracy is a step toward members of Trump and his White House who were in touch with the insurrectionists.


CNN reported:

The Oath Keeper’s senior leader has been arrested in Texas. This is confirmed by his attorney, and this is in relation to January 6th, and this is probably true, because it has been foreshadowed. He has been an unindicted co-conspirator in the court filings as person one because remember there are 17 other Oath Keepers who have been charged and many of them with conspiracy, and Stewart Rhodes has been referred to in the court filings as really what the DOJ has referred to as the central presence and effectively someone who directed movements of these Oath Keepers and he played a pivotal role to instruct them to move in that stack formation as they moved with the hand on one shoulder.

And so Stewart Rhodes is deemed instrumental by the Department of Justice and now he has been arrested by the federal agents here.  prosecutors have laid out in detail just how involved Rhodes allegedly was in directing the movements of these other Oath Keepers. They have documented his messages on signal, and that encrypted messaging app, and so the prosecutors have been building this case in the public eye for the past year, and now about a year later after he was interviewed by CNN and said that he was not involved in planning this attack at all, he has now been arrested by federal agents.

The Walls Are Closing In On Trump And Republicans

The Oath Keepers provided personal security for Roger Stone and were in DC with Stone on 1/6.

The arrest of Rhoades marks a key turning point in the DOJ’s 1/6 investigation. The Department of Justice has moved up the food chain and is going after the bigger fish and more serious crimes of 1/6.

There have been reports for months that the insurrectionists were in touch with people inside the Trump administration.

The charges are getting more serious, and the DOJ investigation is getting closer to Trump and his seditious administration.

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