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Adam Schiff Warns Kevin McCarthy Will Overturn The 2024 Election If Trump Loses



Adam Schiff made it clear that Kevin McCarthy is a puppet who will overturn the 2024 election if he is Speaker and Trump loses.

Video of Chairman Schiff:

Rep. Schiff (D-CA) said in response to McCarthy threatening to take away his committee assignments:

The two are not disconnected, that is, what Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar want is really important to Kevin McCarthy right now. He not only defends the qanon base of his support, but he’s terrified of losing it, and so Marjorie Taylor Greene is calling for vengeance, so Kevin McCarthy is calling for vengeance. 

Frankly, though, the threat I’m more concerned about is Kevin McCarthy will do whatever Donald Trump tells him to do, and far apart from committee assignments, that means that Kevin McCarthy will vote to overturn the next election, next presidential election if Donald Trump loses again. 

He voted to do so the first time, and he will vote to do so again, only this time if he should ever be in the majority or be speaker, he has the ability to carry that out and that is such a real and direct threat to our democracy. Kevin McCarthy can never be allowed to become speaker and in that sense, I think the midterms are really an election in which democracy itself will be on the ballot. 

Adam Schiff Was Right. Democrats Need To Wake Up

It isn’t just the voter suppression bills and voting rights bills that Democratic voters need to be concerned about. Even if Democrats successfully protect the vote, if they lose the House in 2022, the stage will be set for Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House to block the certification of the 2024 election if Donald Trump runs again and loses.

The battle to save democracy is ongoing, and Democratic voters must rise to challenge and stop Kevin McCarthy from becoming the next speaker.

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