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Jim Jordan Dares The 1/6 Committee To Lock Him Up By Refusing To Cooperate



Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) released a letter refusing to cooperate, which could set the process in motion for the 1/6 Committee to criminally refer him for prosecution.

Read Jordan’s letter:

Jim Jordan’s Letter Was An Admission Of Guilt

In his letter, Jordan complained that the committee had pre-judged the results of their investigation, ranted that they wouldn’t let him, a 1/6 coup co-conspirator, serve on the committee. He also claimed that the committee misused information and went off on a tangent about inflation and President Biden being a threat to America.

Nowhere in Jordan’s letter did he address the issue of his communications with Donald Trump and involvement in trying to overturn the election.

Rep. Jordan released a political document that will play well on Fox News, but it is also an admission of guilt.

The Ohio Congressman didn’t try to address the issues and clear his name, and he avoided any discussion of his role in the attack.

The 1/6 Committee Must Subpoena Jim Jordan And If He Refuses To Appear, Criminally Refer Him For Prosecution

Rep. Jordan’s only defense semi-offered was that on 1/6 he was acting in his official capacity as a member of Congress, but Jordan’s conversations with the Trump White House also happened before the Capitol attack.

Jordan can’t hide behind the immunity granted to members of Congress while acting in their official capacity.

The 1/6 Committee must subpoena Rep. Jim Jordan, and if he fails to appear, they have to hold him in contempt of Congress and refer him to the DOJ for criminal prosecution.

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