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It Gets Real For Trump In Georgia As His Lawyers Meet With Prosecutors About Criminal Election Interference Investigation



Rachel Maddow reported that the criminal investigation into Trump’s election interference in Georgia now has his lawyers meeting with prosecutors.

Video of Maddow:

Rachel Maddow reported:

We do actually have some breaking news to start with at this hour. We can report exclusively tonight that attorneys for former president Donald Trump have now met in person with the Fulton County district attorney’s office in Georgia. Now it was months ago that we first learned that the prosecutor who leads that office had opened a criminal investigation into alleged violation of Georgia state law that occurred when election officials of Georgia were pressured and intimidated after the last presidential election that they should, effectively, falsified the results of that states election. 

It was a year ago, January 3rd, last year, when The Washington Post published this shocking audio reporting of an extraordinary hour-long phone call that then-president Trump made personally to Georgia’s top elections officials telling him that he needed to find exactly the number of votes in the state that would allow Trump to falsely be declared the winner there. 

Now, in Georgia, as in every state in the country, pressuring election officials to interfere with the lawful administration of an election, pressuring election officials to change election results, that of course is a crime. The state prosecutor’s office in Fulton County, Georgia, opened that investigation under Georgia state law. Pressuring or intimidating election officials is a Georgia state crime. It’s a crime in every state in the country, and of course, it’s also a federal crime. 

The Election Interference Case In Georgia Could Be Trump’s Biggest Legal Jeopardy

PoliticusUSA has been closely following the case in Georgia and reporting on it long before the national media caught wind of it because it represents a virtually open and shut case against Trump.

There is no doubt that Trump broke the state’s laws against interfering with an outcome of an election. He is on tape in his voice violating the law.

A special grand jury has been seated in the investigation to gather evidence. Trump and associates like Rudy Giuliani and Lindsey Graham are the focus of the investigation.

Right now, the case in Georgia is the most significant legal criminal threat to Trump, and his lawyers meeting with prosecutors shows that they are taking the case seriously.

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