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Arizona GOP Senate Candidate Releases Shameful Ad Where He Declares Let’s Go Brandon



Jim Lamon, a wealthy businessman who is running for Senate in Arizona, made his plea for Trump’s love with an ad declaring Let’s Go Brandon.

Jim  Lamon Releases The Most Disrespectful Ad Of 2022 (So Far)

Here is the ad:

To say that this ad was ill-advised would be a gross understatement. The fact that Lamon is lighting one million dollars on fire to run this ad suggests that he sees it as an investment to raise his profile among the right and get the endorsement of Trump.

The ad itself is utterly moronic.

Jim Lamon is running on being mad. He is also running on “stopping the invasion at the border,” which should be easy because there is no invasion at the border. Lamon is also running on “election integrity” and claiming that Democrats are rigging elections, but mostly, he is mad at Joe Biden for getting more votes than Donald Trump.

Republicans are running on nothing but voter anger.

The GOP’s slogan is “We lost, and we’re really mad about.”

What will Jim Lamon do about COVID, or inflation, or any of the other problems facing the nation?

Judging from his ad, he will do nothing but go to the Senate and be mad.

Republicans are banking on an angry electorate in November, and they are running on nothing else. Arizona has moved into purple state category, so it is doubtful that an ad like this will work.

The ad shows that Republicans have nothing, and if inflation and the pandemic improve by the fall, they will be in big trouble.

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