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Two Lawyers Arguing Against Biden Vaccine Mandate At SCOTUS Get COVID



Two of the lawyers arguing against President Biden’s vaccine mandate at the Supreme Court have tested positive for COVID.

According to Reuters:

 Two officials presenting arguments on Friday to the U.S. Supreme Court seeking to block vaccine mandates ordered by President Joe Biden’s administration have tested positive for COVID-19 and will make their cases remotely, their offices said.

Ohio Solicitor General Benjamin Flowers and Louisiana Solicitor General Liz Murrill will argue against the vaccination and testing requirements by phone, according to their offices.

Flowers is vaccinated and boosted, but he still got COVID. There is no word on Murrill’s vaccination status.

It is not a great look for the lawyers who are arguing against President Biden’s vaccine mandate to come down with COVID.

The big overlooked takeaway is that the Supreme Court itself has a mandate. Every lawyer who will argue before the Supreme Court has to submit a negative PCR test, which sounds an awful lot like a mandate.

The Supreme Court has heard numerous cases about vaccine mandates and so far has ruled in favor of the mandate.

The White House believes that they are on solid legal ground on the mandate, and the fact that two of the lawyers who are arguing against the mandate got COVID only helps to make the case for why mandates are necessary.

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