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Pelosi Invites Biden To Deliver State Of The Union On March 1



Speaker Pelosi has formally invited President Biden to deliver the State Of The Union on March 1.

Speaker Pelosi wrote to the President in a letter provided to PoliticusUSA:

Dear Mr. President:

Thank you for your bold vision and patriotic leadership, which have guided America out of crisis and into an era of great progress, as we not only recover from the pandemic but Build Back Better! Indeed, this past year has been historic: with the life-saving American Rescue Plan, once-in-a-century Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, and, soon, the truly transformational Build Back Better Act!

In that spirit, I am writing to invite you to address a Joint Session of Congress on Tuesday, March 1, to share your vision of the State of the Union.

Thank you for considering this invitation to speak to the Congress and Country.



Speaker of the House

Biden’s speech last year technically was not a State Of The Union. It was a joint address to Congress on April 28, 2020.

The President will have lots of accomplishments to discuss, but also many challenges related to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Biden has already gotten more bipartisan legislation passed into the law than any president since Bill Clinton nearly 30 years ago.

President Biden has much to update the nation on, and more importantly the chance to set the agenda, and discuss his long-term vision for the country.

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