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Leftist Customers Angry At Restaurant’s Anti-Pelosi Sign, But Owner Refuses To Bend To ‘Cancel Culture Renegades’




Preslee’s Southern Good Eatery restaurant in Houston, Texas has created controversy by using their marquee sign to poke fun at Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and promote the anti-Joe Biden “Let’s Go Brandon!” phrase.

Fox Business reported on Thursday that despite some anger from left-wingers, the owners are not changing a thing.

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Restaurant Owner: ‘It’s about pro freedom and our right to run our small business’

Preslee’s co-owner told Fox News, “We are heading into crawfish season and then peak patio weather and won’t be slowed down from the cancel culture renegades.”

“It’s about pro freedom and our right to run our small business,” the owner added, who wished to remain anonymous.

One of the signs on the Preslee’s marquee read: “No mask needed unless u look like Nancy Pelosi.”

Another simply read, “Let’s Go Brandon,” a now popular and more polite way of saying “F*** Joe Biden.”

Houston Chronicle restaurant critic Alison Cook tweeted the restaurant and it’s sign, writing, “Why yes, I’d like a side of misogyny and Covid protocol defiance with my chicken-fried steak.”

Cook added in another tweet, “Also, could we fold in some ageism with that? Perfect!”

‘We have never been busier!’

The owner of Preslee’s said the social media and voicemails to the restaurant have been vicious, with some saying they “hope their business loses all their employees” and goes out of business.

The owner told Fox News, “The backlash we received at first was a little overwhelming while dealing with a busy restaurant. Lots of voicemails and private messages.”

The owner also claimed that Preslee’s Instagram page was banned Wednesday, yet on Thursday afternoon the restaurant’s account appeared to be active.

As for the overall reaction, the owner said “We have never been busier!”

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The Restaurant Did Not Let Any Employees Go Throughout Pandemic

Preslee’s opened in 2019 and did not layoff  “a single employee off,” according to the owner.

“I think it’s pretty safe to say our current government has failed us and other small business owners,” Fox News reported the owner saying. “More than 150,000 small businesses have shut down from mandates, but this is not about politics. It’s about basic rights that some have seem to have forgotten.”

“If we can make it through a pandemic and actually thrive we can surely handle this,” the owner reportedly said.

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