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Dinesh D’Souza Claims Extraordinary Abuse Against 1/6 Protesters While Implicating Them In Massive Conspiracy




Dinesh D’Souza appeared on Fox News last night. It is not directly apparent which show hosted D’Souza though one tweet in response noted that Bret Baier should have called out D’Souza’s accusation. But the precise show is not important to the point made in this article. No, this article properly focuses upon the fact that D’Souza’s accusation is, unknowingly, a direct admission as to the insurrection’s danger and precision in planning.

In this clip, you will note that D’Souza says that there exists footage of insurgents from January 6th in a tunnel below the Capitol and that the footage shows the Capitol Police using heavily excessive force against “unarmed” protestors:

As every reader knows, Washington DC is intentionally built on top of a maze of tunnels, the location of a small number of these tunnels are among the highest guarded secrets in all of government. The protesters were surely not in one of the most secret areas. But the protesters were, by Dinesh’s own admission, in a tunnel. (This is not new information, but it ties directly to his point).

On any normal day, the general public may have legal access to a few tunnels leading from the House or Senate office buildings to the Capitol, or perhaps be a passenger in a car cleared to be in one of the tunnels. But, by definition, a tunnel is not a location where one protests. The entire point of a protest is to be seen and heard. The entire point of a tunnel is to get people in and out of a building without having to be out where they are seen and heard. The protesters’ presence in the tunnel makes obvious they were determined to enter the Capitol against all rules in a self-proving attempt to stop Congress and perhaps attack certain members. These were, by definition, some of the most dangerous insurgents.

D’Souza is so busy creating a distraction from the fact that January 6th was an attempted coup and government takeover that he doesn’t seem to realize that he’s on national television admitting that January 6th was an attempted coup and government takeover.

We have all likely seen reports that some protesters carried maps of the underground tunnels. But few of us have seen reports that the interest in the tunnels was so intense that the curator of the history and use of the tunnels notified the FBI before January 6th about a massive new interest in the tunnels. From NBC Washington:

Traffic on the website is usually limited to visitors and referrals from people in D.C. and in nearby communities in Virginia and Maryland, Carter said. But starting on New Year’s Day, a spike in traffic included visitors nationwide. He said a deeper review of analytics from his site revealed many of the clicks were coming from hyperlinks shared on anonymous message boards, sites and forums named after militias or firearms, or using Donald Trump’s name. 

Carter said his concerns led him to email the FBI’s Washington Field Office on the evening of Jan 1st.

In short, D’Souza’s “complaint” just reemphasized that this was no protest. Protests are meant to be seen and heard, not hidden and certainly not hidden in locations on might expect certain important members of Congress to be rushed through to safety. The fact that the protesters were not obeying commands by the Capitol Police demonstrates exactly why any level of force (armed or unarmed) against a group that would not cooperate, would be warranted.

Last, the fact that a certain number of “protesters” knew to form at the entrance of the tunnels and attempt to enter them almost compels one to conclude there was a pre-arranged plan, one in which certain appointed people would call out and gather others to join them.

D’Souza went on Fox to cry about the “abuse” Trump supporters suffered. In reality, he just admitted how far Trump supporters were willing to go to abuse the United States government and Constitution, that they were not protesting, that they were not listening to commands to leave, that they were determined to get in a special portion of the Capitol, and that this was part of a plan. None of this was called out on Fox.

Jason Miciak

Jason Miciak is a political writer, features writer, author, and attorney. He is originally from Canada but grew up in the Pacific Northwest as a dual Canadian-American citizen, which he grows increasingly thankful for every day. He now enjoys life as a single dad, writing from the beaches of the Gulf Coast, getting advice from his beloved daughter and teammate. He is very much the dreamy mystic that cannot add and loves dogs more than most people. He also likes studying cooking, theoretical physics, cosmology, and quantum mechanics. He likes pizza.

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