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Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants To Take Voting Rights Away From People Who Move To A New State



Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) thinks that anyone who moves from a blue state to a red state should not vote.

Greene tweeted:

The idea that Greene voiced support for was both undemocratic and un-American. Greene assumed that every person moving from a blue state to a red state is a Democrat. There are lots of Republicans in places like New York and California.

The idea that individual political ideology is a contagious disease that the red states have to be protected from born more out of fear of changing demographics than any logical notion of political beliefs spreading.

Rep. Greene is a fundamentally undemocratic danger to democracy in the United States. Greene spends much of her time ranting about communism while suggesting that the state determines where an American gets to live and what rights they have in their new residence.

One of the great American ideals is freedom of movement. The concept of a person being able to choose their own destination and destiny.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is at war with America.

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