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Mike Lindell Won’t Give It Up As He Claims New Lawsuit Will Get Trump Reinstated



Mike Lindell thinks that he has another lawsuit that can do the impossible and get Trump reinstated to the White House.


Lindell told Steve Bannon that the evidence is out there, and within two weeks, he will have a lawsuit filed in two weeks that will get Trump reinstated to the White House.

Just like Trump, everything is always two weeks away with Mike Lindell. Since Joe Biden won the election, Lindell has promised lawsuit after lawsuit to get Trump back into the White House.

Lindell seems to have an endless supply of conspiracy theories.

Like a doomsday prophet predicting the end of times, the date is always two weeks away.

There is no constitutional mechanism for Trump to be reinstated to the presidency. The courts can’t restore Trump to the White House.

Why is the right so afraid of Trump having to win another election?

The answer is that they know that Donald Trump can’t win a free and fair election.

The voters have already overwhelmingly rejected him in 2020, and if one is only talking about the popular vote, also in 2016.

Mike Lindell is the Trump coup version of Lucy with the football. Anyone who gets excited by his lawsuit claims will surely fall flat on their back when they are pulled away in two weeks.


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